• Call our Kiwanis Peanut Day office for a Free Fundraising Kit and/or assistance in planning a successful Peanut Day fundraiser. We have many ideas to share from your fellow Kiwanis Clubs.
  • Orders should be placed well before your fundraiser. We try to guarantee 14 business days from the date of your order. For Peanut Day orders from  August – October AND Holiday tin orders from October – December,  our busiest times of the year, please order at least 4 weeks in advance of your fundraiser.
  • The trucking company driver is generally not required to unload products from their truck to inside locations. Most trucking companies will charge extra for inside delivery. There should be people available to help unload the products from the truck. A business location is most desirable. Many trucking companies charge extra for residential deliveries.
  • Upon delivery count all cartons and check for damage before signing for receipt of shipment. Note any shortages and/or damage on the freight bill and inform the driver. Once the delivery is accepted and the freight bill is signed you will be invoiced for the quantity you signed for. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Products must be stored in a cool, dry place. No hot garages and absolutely no hot car trunks. Even a short amount of time in a warm/hot environment will alter the taste and freshness of peanut/nut products. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can also alter the look and taste.
  • Under normal conditions products will stay fresh for several months, when properly stored in a cool, dry location.
  • .As a courtesy, your club is billed after your fund-raiser. In return, we expect prompt payment within 30 days of receiving your invoice. Monthly finance charges will be added to all past due invoices.
  • A Fundraising Results Form is enclosed with your invoice. Please complete and return or call in your NET RESULTS. This form is important to us to tally the Annual Net Results List of North American Kiwanis Clubs, which in turn allows other clubs to see how much money they can make by having a Kiwanis Peanut Day Fundraiser. Also, please let us know if other clubs ordered with you so that their results can be included in our list.
  • THANK YOU!  for using Kiwanis Peanut Day products for your fundraiser.


These tips have been shared by clubs that have increased profits with various methods of fundraising with Kiwanis Peanut Day products.  Large or small, your club can try several of these ideas for additional year round fundraising. 

  • Get permission from local retail stores to stand in front of their store and handout products for donations.
  • Augment your street and storefront sales with presales and underwriting of boxes to local businesses, family and friends. Ask if they would also like to donate a box for the troops. Contact Kiwanis Peanut Day office for sample letters other clubs have successfully used. 
  • Partner with other service organizations as your legs. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church organizations and sports teams along with your Kiwanis Family can help get donations and split profits for their efforts.
  • Recruit family, friends and business associates to donate their time or purchase products.
  • Set up a booth at farmer’s markets, craft fairs and senior centers for tin sales.  Fall and Winter season is great for tin gifts.
  • Engage your entire Kiwanis Family; Builders Club, Key Club and Circle K with the new healthy alternative products that can be brought into schools, churches and sports events.  Certified Peanut Free Candy Bars, and Gummi Bears are popular.
  • Sell products within your club to raise additional money for your administrative fund.
  • Give gourmet tins for speakers at your meetings or installation dinners.
  • Buy boxes of Kiwanis Peanuts and have them sent to the military. Our service people love Kiwanis peanuts. A great way to give back to our troops.